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“How can Bechange help me?”

       THERE are no specific criteria that   repayment plans and look at reducing your outgoings.
       you need to meet to access support     Are you struggling to make your money last? We can
       from Bechange – you just need to     support you to budget and make changes, so that you
       live in Aylesham and surrounding     can make your finances last longer.
       areas.                               Housing
        Our support is available to all, and we can help you   Have you fallen into rent arrears and are frightened
       with your issues no matter how big or small.   The   of losing your home?  Our support workers can assist
       friendly support team pride themselves on their   with contacting your housing provider, and negotiate
       extensive knowledge and expertise.  Our Family   repayment plans to help manage your arrears and
       Support Worker and Senior Support Worker have many   secure your housing.
       years of experience to support your individual needs.
                                              Is your current home unsuitable for your needs?  We
             “So, how can we help you?”     can help you with an application to the housing register,
       Benefits                             upload your supporting evidence and negotiate the
                                            bidding system.
        Are you claiming your correct entitlement?  We can
       do a benefit check to ensure you are receiving your full   Need help with family
       entitlement, and support with any applications and   matters?
       assist with gathering the correct evidence to support a
       claim.                                 Our designated family support worker can help you
                                            with issues you may facing including providing can
        Don’t understand the online Universal Credit   provide advocacy for school meetings and with support
       Journal, or how to keep your commitments? Here at   plans, help implement rules, routines, boundaries and
       Bechange we can support you to use and understand   establish practical reward systems.
       your online journal, how to make entries and upload
       evidence.                              We offer mindfulness and health living workshops
                                            for families with children aged 4-11 years, and a baby
        Been turned down for a benefit? Our support staff   club for parents and carers with new babies up to 6
       can assist you every step of the way with mandatory   months old
       reconsiderations, appeals and tribunals.
                                              As well as all this we can offer Foodbank vouchers,
        Do you need to change to a different benefit, but   assist with applying for emergency grants and financial
       are worried how you will cope financially during   support. We also have a community fridge and weekly
       the waiting period? Support can be given to access   Fareshare food availability.
       advances and how to budget until you receive your
       first new payment. We also work closely with Deal   If you are experiencing Domestic Abuse, we are
       area foodbank and can issue e-vouchers for food and   here for you.  We can help you access the appropriate
       household items to help you during this time.  services and support required.
                                              Still not sure if we can help? All you need to do is
       Finances                             ask! You can telephone 01304 840134 or come to one of
        In debt and don’t know which way to turn? Our   our drop-in sessions for a chat Monday, Wednesday and
       support workers can assist with negotiating manageable   Friday 10am-12pm

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