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                                          Aylesham Dog Walkers

                                          Find us on Facebook - We meet every
                                          Saturday & Sunday at 11am by the show
                                          homes in Aylesham, and sometimes
                                          evenings during the week.
                                          We have a wander together, usually over
                                          the fields or the woods and we try to go
                                          to areas the dogs can be off lead for a bit.
                                          Sometimes we’re a large group, sometimes
                                          just a few of us.
                                          All shapes and sizes from new pups
    SHAPED BY HISTORY: brought            learning how to socialise to grumpy old
    down in the 1987 gales                pooches. Everyone is welcome.
                                          Aylesham Walkie Talkies
                                          Meet every Wednesday at 4pm in the
                                          Market Square.
                                          We walk for about 1 hour, nothing
                                          strenuous. Everyone welcome.

                                          ASPIRE HEALTH WALK
                                          Get walking and join our small team on
                                          short 30 mins stroll, it’s free simply turn
                                          up and join in
    A WAY INTO THE WOODS: from            - 11am for 11.15am start
    Spinney Lane, with helpful guide

                                                          ‘on foot’ event
                                                          this summer

                                                          Aylesham In Touch will be
                                                          calling a meeting soon for
                                                          all interested in helping
                                                          with a village event this
                                                          year. Contact us:

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