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Community Matters – a
                                            new mobile foodbank

                                            FROM 1st March, Deal Foodbank will
                                            launch a new mobile service called
                                            Community Matters that will serve the
                                            villages of Aylesham and Elvington.
                                              Having raised enough money to specially commission
                                            a large van, the Foodbank will now be able to reach
                                            villages where public transport is scarce.
                                              Deal Foodbank Project Coordinator, Sheila Ward
                                            comments, “All our foodbanks operate to help and
                                            support those in the most need.
                                              “Now with this mobile service we will be able to reach
                                            those who wouldn’t be able to reach us otherwise”.
                                              Community Matters was backed by a number of
                                            funders including a generous grant from Kent Coalfield
                                            Community Fund.

       Healthy, affordable and
      sustainable food

       At Bechange there is a very well equipped kitchen
      that is a great space for showing beginners how to cook
      great meals, introduce people to skills needed in the
      hospitality sector, and to prepare and cook community
       Alongside the kitchen, they operate as the contact
      point for Deal Area Foodbank. Staff can help with   IN AYLESHAM:
      vouchers and starting in March, Bechange will be the
      venue for the food bank’s new mobile centre which will   EVERY TUESDAY 9.30am – 10.30am
      be visiting twice a week (see column, right).  at Bechange,  – Ackholt Rd
       And every Thursday Bechange is the distribution   WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU:
      point for Fareshare - the project that cuts food waste   • A paper voucher or e-voucher issued to
      by ‘making still good to eat’ food from local farms and   you
      supermarkets available to the community with no need   • Carrier bags to take your food away
      for vouchers. Fareshare times are 9.30am until the food
      is gone.                              WHAT YOU’LL GET:
       You might also see in the Bechange reception, the   • A food parcel featuring three days of
      Community Fridge where anyone can drop off ‘in date   nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food
      but not needed’ food for others to make use of. And of   How to get a voucher:
      course people can pop in and take home anything in
      the fridge that they can put to good use.  Bechange Aylesham - 01304 840134
      Celebrating 25 years                  Citizens Advice Deal - 01304 202442
                                            Deal Foodbank - 01304 728428
       This successful Aylesham charity is planning a
      number of events throughout 2022 - its Silver Jubilee   If you have any questions, do
      year. They plan to develop and promote the great things   give us a call on 01304 72842
      that happen in the Community Hub and continue to
      reach-out to the rural community around the village.
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