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                                   NEW YOU!

      MAKING lifestyle changes                Beautiful spring bulbs are starting to peek through
      to benefit your health and             the soil in the garden and the polytunnel is full of veg
                                             seedlings ready to be planted out.
      wellbeing can be very                          GROW YOUR OWN
                                              The garden is an inspiring place to spend time and
      hard to do without support             Rachel and Sandro can show you all you need to know
      and encouragement.                     about growing food – no previous experience is needed.
        Many of us struggle with any kind of change and   Our chef tutors, Liza and Julia, will give even the most
      signing up for a course or going along to something   kitchen-shy person the confidence and know-how to
      new is a big step. Here at ASPIRE, we know how hard it   cook delicious healthy meals from scratch.
      is to step outside of a comfort zone, but we know that if   ASPIRE is here in Aylesham for one more year and
      you do, you won’t regret it.           we want to make sure that anyone who could benefit
                NHS ONE YOU                  from taking part gets the opportunity to do so.
                                              All our activities are free of charge, and it’s on your
        We are lucky to have dedicated NHS One You   doorstep. If you, or someone you know, needs a nudge
      advisers, Karen and Teela, who are experts at helping
           towards a brighter future, please get in touch.
      people look after their health and lose weight.
      Experienced personal trainer Laura runs our LBT

      classes and Couch to 5k, as well as guiding people
                                             We’ll be holding Open Days on:
      through the rest of the programme, along with Rowan,


   	    Monday 28th March 10am-2pm
      Elaine and Ivan.
        If getting a job or starting your own business is your
    	          Monday 25th April 10am-2pm
      goal, Fi, Ed and our team of employability experts
      are on hand to offer 1-2-1 support, group sessions   TO TAKE PART, or to find out more
      and detailed advice. Look out for our accredited

     	            
       about what ASPIRE offers, please
      courses – details will be on our Facebook page over the

      coming weeks – and for other opportunities to gain
        phone 01304 840134


     	           


      FINDING WAYS INTO WORK with   HEALTHY FOOD with Rowan   GROW YOUR OWN with Rachel,

      Fi and the expert Employability team  and the ASPIRE kitchen team  Sandro and the garden team
                                                          STEPPING OUT with Teela
                                                          on the ASPIRE Health Walk
                                                          with NHS One You
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