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Giving you the power to improve your health,
                      wellbeing and job prospects

            ASPIRE East Kent provides a FREE friendly programme for people who want to improve
           their health and employment opportunities and to feel more confident and positive about
           life. A wide range of activities includes cooking, gardening, wellbeing and exercise sessions,
              accredited courses, 1-2-1 advice on employment and from NHS One You health and
                                    weight loss advisors.
          ASPIRE is for you if:
          ●  you are aged 18-65 and live in East Kent
          ●  you are either unemployed, a job-seeker, in temporary insecure work or on a zero-hours contract
          ●  you would like to improve your health and wellbeing.

            Contact our team today and find out how ASPIRE can help you
                01304 840134

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