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       taking a birds-
             eye view .

                                                 DESPITE reports in local
      SUNSHINE CORNER                            media, and a listing on the
                                                 KFC website as a ‘target

                                                 location’ there is no drive-
                                                 thru coming our way right
                                                  The website lists ‘A2 Aylesham, Kent’ as a
                                                 location on their wish-list of new facilities.
                                                  When Snowdown Canary approached the
                                                 fried chicken chain, a spokesperson sent us
                                                 this statement:
                                                  “Sorry KFC fans of Aylesham, we hate to
                                                 disappoint, but this list is only speculative – no
                                                 current plans to open a new restaurant in your
      WAITING FOR                                area. But as the list proves, we’re always on the
                                                 lookout for new sites so who knows what the
      THE DOVER BUS                              future holds!”


     THE Aylesham Minibus has been a great   ROLE
     success and has been used by numerous local
     voluntary organisations including Aylesham
     Carnival Committee, Snowdown Rugby         The Workshop Trust Board has concluded
     Club, Betteshanger Bowls Club and many   that it has passed its useful life for the Trust,
     others.                                  but may be of use to one of the local voluntary
       It has travelled all over England, Wales and the
     continent including the Durham Miners Gala,   If your group would like more information,
     down to Wales and the Green Howards Association   please contact the Workshop Trust:
     has had numerous trips to world war battle sites in   Tel: 01304 842826
     France and Belgium.
     4                                        email:
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