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     Mascot makes home run


                                                 SPRING EVENTS             7
                                                 TAKE A WALK
                                                 on the wild side
                                                 in Spinney Woods          8 - 9

                                                 BECHANGE AT 25            10 - 13
                                                 MONEY SAVING
                                                 EXPERT Martin Lewis  14 - 15
                                                 ASPIRE -
                                                 a new you for ’22         16 - 17
                                                 BACK IN THE DAY
                                                 how we partied in 2002  18 - 19
                                                 IMHO - Pout
     AYLESHAMMER John Vincent with his           on Planning               21
     mascot outfit at the Heritage Centre
                                                 SNOWDOWN PARK
     THREE years ago, one John                   project update            22 - 23
     Vincent walked in to Aylesham               CARNIVAL COURT
     Centre and introduced himself,              line-up for 2022          25
     John was carrying a Large
     suitcase inside was his family              DRAT!  IT’S A RAT         26 - 27
     history.                                    RUGBY CLUB NEWS   29
       His father was Romeo Vincent a Canadian soldier   CORONATION YEAR
     who came over to England to serve in WWII. Many   IN THE VILLAGE
     people may remember him forming the baseball team   an excerpt from
     in Aylesham.                                Keith Owen’s history
       Romeo married into a Aylesham family when he   of Aylesham          35 - 36
     married Lucy Foster and lived in Queens Road.
       Recently John came back to the Heritage Centre   VILLAGE
     to see what we had done with the memorabilia he   GUIDE
     donated three years ago.
       John who is 77 years old was the baseball team
     mascot when he was 7 years old so we were delighted   Essential listing of
     to show him the baseball uniform he wore 70 years   local groups,
     ago.                                        organisations and
       Dou you have an extraordinary family story to tell?   businesses            33 - 35
     Get in touch with us at
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