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Aylesham carnival news                                   Finally for this installment ACA would like to introduce the
                                                                Pride of Aylesham awards to our wonderful village, this is
                                                                an  opportunity  for  those  who  go  above  and  beyond  to
       Easter Monday saw the culmination of the hard work of the   support individuals and initiatives within the village to be
       committees  fundraising  sub  committee,  Rosemary  and   nominated by those who appreciate and benefit from their
       Shari in the fabulous and well attended Easter event at St   efforts, the winner will be presented with a momento at this
       Peter's church, market square was the scene of the bonnet   years carnival on 21st September, more details on how to
       parade  where  the  children  were  judged  on  their  best   make nominations and the set up can be found on posters
       bonnet creations, then back to St Peter’s for an Easter egg   around the village at the Co-op, Cafe on the square, Roses
       hunt,  a  variety  of  entertainment  and  of  course  tea  and   tea rooms, Londis, Jam and Roses, and other central hubs
       cake. The children were delighted that the Easter bunny   as well as on our website and Facebook page. It’s time to
       attended in person with another bunny in tow, thank you to   recognise  those  who  keep  our  community  spirit  alive,
       all those who attended and participated so fully on the day.  please get nominating.

                                     Since  then  our  girls    More news to come next month ACA would like thank you
                                     h a v e   b e e n   b u s y   for your continued support
                                     raising sponsors for a
                                     sponsored walk which
                                     they  undertook  on
                                     bank  holiday  Monday
                                     6th May, walking from
                                     Minis Bay to Reculver
                                     with family and friends
                                     in tow to support, and
                                     their  tired  legs  were
                                     well  rewarded  by
                                     raising a brilliant £350
                                     towards  the  carnival
                                     funds, well done girls
                                     and thank to all those
                                     you  sponsored  and
                                     supported on the day.
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