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       In April we reported on a local women Suzanne Gough (nee House) from the village training to swim the English Channel in a 6
       person English Channel Relay team.

       In order to qualify for the Channel Relay, Suzanne has been passed fit to swim by a GP,
       and last Sunday saw her complete the 2-hour qualifier swim in the sea in a temperature of
       12.2c (it has to be below 14’C).   Suzanne started swimming in the sea on 1  March when it
       was 7’c and has built up over the weeks to endure the 2 hours.   Coming up she has a
       number of night swims planned along with a boat swim with the pilot to practice swimming
       alongside the pilot boat and the change overs.

       Suzanne  is  honest  and  says  this  is  completely  out  of  her  comfort  zone,  and  it    is
       challenging her in every way.   But the support of the Dover Channel Training at Dover
       beach at the weekends is really helping.   Lead by channel swimmers they have been
       extremely supportive and full of encouragement.

       Last weekend saw over 55 swimmers each day down at Dover beach Suzanne being one
       of them. Suzanne is also in training for her next cycle holiday with husband Tim, and at
       weekends after her swims they will be found cycling with rucksacks on their back in
       preparation.  They are planning an adventure of 1000 miles on the East Coast of America
       in September.  So her training is doubly hard.

                                 Suzanne is raising money on behalf of Swim Tayka using TotalGiving™. This is a revolutionary
                                 new way to give to charitable causes, where the funds raised are transferred directly to the
                                 charity. Meaning no costs and no commission everything goes direct to Swim Tayka.      This
                                 charity  supports  some  of  the  poorest  children  in  the  world  and  every  £1  raised  helps
                                 SwimTayka support the teaching of drowning prevention, swimming and environmental water

                                 If  you  feel  you  could  give  a  little  something  to  support  Suzanne  in  this  challenge  of  her
                                 swimming the English Channel please donate using  this link
       or contact Suzanne directly on

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