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                                           With Linda

        W          ell, a new gardeners year is here, another fantastic year to be happy working and having fun in the garden. Still,

                   as you know it remains a difficult month for most to raise any enthusiasm for wrapping up and getting out in the
                   air, the weather continues to be cold dull and wet, so generally miserable. Exercise, a nice warm cosy chair and

                   spring catalogues to browse through have kept my positive thoughts going of what I want to achieve in my
                   garden this year, and it does keep my inspiration alive.

       Looking through the gloom there are small glimpses of hope emerging in the damp and
       soggy soil, and I've been peeking out in the garden every day to see if there are any
       surprises in the way of life.   And already I have spied Hellebores with there pretty
       cupped petals that gently nod down soon to burst open into the darlings that they are,

       coming in single and double petals and in a range of colours they last for ages and are a

       Raticulata Iris is the perfect little gem in a winter garden or pot, so pretty are these little
       flower bulbs in blue and purple shades with dots and stripes appearing into life, they
       make me smile, I pop these little jewels in bulb pots. I pop them on the patio so I can
       enjoy the light scent and splendour and such a sturdy little flower too.

       While there are a vast amount of spring flowers and bulbs at this time of the year,
       believe it or not, sowing time in the greenhouse is fast approaching. Tried and trusted methods that work for me, I always sow
       sweet peas by the middle of February, sowing in some fresh good quality firm compost, with a little sifted compost over the top.
       Label stand the pots in about a couple of inches of water until wet pop into a propagator or somewhere warm. Pinch them out
       after a couple of sets of leaves form, then grow on and they should be ready to plant out in May.

       If you want to ask a question or share a tip find me on Facebook under Gardeners Corner with Linda.

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