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                                                       With Linda

        M          arch is here and the garden is waking up at last. You can now don your coat and wellies and get out there

                   to  put in place all your plans and thoughts, for the year ahead.

       Divide your perennials and move plants to where you want them. Cut out old debris by trimming off spent stems and
       flower heads from last season and generally making the borders tidy to finish up with a striking patch to be proud of. It
       really is so exciting!

       I love hostas and now is the right time to divide them before they grow into major sized plants. Just pull them apart,
       making sure there are three or so shoots at the crown. Add some good root ball, pot them up and stand in the
       conservatory or indoors until warmer outside. Let them carry on growing, water and feed them. They are quite striking
       when in flower and look good either on their own or standing, perhaps in a large container, with other flora and fauna.

       Another bulb I adore and can't be without is the lily.  I have a collection of corms which I overwinter under fleece in the
       greenhouse until ready for potting around now. Set them in some rich compost keeping moist and free from draught and
       these plants will thrive.  Not only do they have stunning beauty and fragrance but flower throughout the summer months.

       A big problem for most of the year are those dreaded slugs and snails who enjoy nibbling at hostas and the soft green
       shoots of plants -  leaving them looking like lace curtains.  I've tried so many methods of keeping the little critters at bay
       but out of all the remedies I have tried, I think the garlic wash definitely seems to work best. I boil half a dozen cloves of
       garlic for about 20 minutes in half a medium pot of water, strain off the liquid into half a large bottle and then top up with
       cold water. Spray your plants a few times and hopefully it gets them off to a good start.

       Maybe you have other ingenious ways of dealing with them so some feedback could be interesting. it would be great to
       hear from you via the Facebook page below.
       While we wait for all that spring has to offer, the anticipation at this time of the year is infectious!

       If you have any questions or want to share tips, you can find on me on Facebook under Gardeners'  Corner with Linda.


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