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                                           With Linda

         J       une is such a delightful time in the gardener's calendar, bringing a romance of sorts with a full on

                 a show of flowers that jostle side by side as they show off their wares. Bees are buzzing with
                 contentment, and everything well looks green and verdant along the landscape.

       June is indeed a month of plenty, the noise of the lawn mowers up and down the street, all of the work that
       has been carried out bringing on your summer plants, taking cuttings of them to make so many more
       flowers for your summer container collection, cleaning the BBQ off ready for that family party, and of
       course it wouldn't be the same without a lovely ice cream walking in the park, that just speaks summer to
       me. A girl can dream, can't she?

       Well back to the garden, the foxgloves are just coming into flower a stalwart of the summer garden which
       was sown last autumn and left to grow on into neat little plants in the border this season standing tall with
       their colourful spotty bells. Next to which are the worldwide Iris, I love this flower with its striking markings
       in different colours and sharp branching sword-like leaves
       , but as the border is alive with so many beautiful flowers, I simply have to tell you that my stage just
       wouldn't be the same without the glorious Purple Alliums, I so look forward to these beautiful bulbs
       bursting out of their skins into wonderful globes of beauty, I could go on and on but they really do steal the
       show for me, combining these with other shrubs and grasses really does make a lovely picture.

         Oriental  Poppies  dazzle  us  for  a  short  period
       during June, the long, healthy flamboyant blooms,
       some    being  larger    than  others  but  even  the
       smaller  ones  are  quite  charismatic,  will
       undoubtedly  grab  your  attention,  although
       fleeting,they  do  bring  excitement  to  the  border,
       sometimes you catch a husk still hanging on the
       edge of a flower head refusing to leave ,it always
       brings  a smile  to my face, I always  stake these
       majestic plants just in case the winds blow,and it
       does keep them looking tidy, after flowering trim the
       stems down ,sometimes if you are lucky you get a
       second flush.

       Gardening is a relaxing time; it is good for the sole,
       gets you out in the fresh air buzzing ideas around in
       your head and wondering how you can make it a
       more  exciting  and  restful  space.  Whatever  size
       garden you have whether a large plot or a small
       patio, you will be surprised what you can achieve
       that will cheer up the look of your home, and you
       have done something worthwhile.

       If you want to share a tip or ask a question, you can
       find me on Facebook under gardener's corner with
       Linda.                                      3                    
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