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                                           With Linda

       A        ugust always seems to be a quiet month where the garden is concerned, the garden has reached the point where

                 all the virgin growth through spring into summer has strutted its stuff and we then arrive at the time when it starts to
                 look a bit worse for wear and  looks as though it is running away with you, needing a tidy up and also to let you see
                 that there needs to be more colour going on into Autumn , I find that the warmer shades of reds oranges and
                 purples alongside ornamental grasses trees and shrubbery add another dimension to the border to give more
                 season of interest.

       Now that school is out for the summer may be getting the kids out into the countryside and visiting gardens or garden centres it
       will show you and them just what is in flower at this time of the year.
       Gaining knowledge of what plants are scented, and how long they will hold up in what soil, it can be quite an adventure, and
       you can dream of what you would like to see in your beds and borders I think it is a good learning curve for adults and to get
       children interested in gardening too.

        Summer annuals in the garden have shone this season, hanging baskets of petunia and begonias surrounding the house
       are looking full and colourful, and the containers of plants that i have put together consisting of  the beautiful Durban Canna
       with their vibrant orange rainbow coloured leaves and striking orange flowers, Houttuynia cordata Chameleon with  its little
       red-edged leaves and a white flower which is a marginal plant but is fine if watered regularly there are many other flowers
       dotted around the house Geranium and Lilys which I just love, but it just goes to show that you can have just about any flower or
       fauna  at your disposal and just play with it,i myself choose different plants and think up of how I can make them look more
       colourful and striking for every new gardening year hoping for better results, well its something to think about and to look
       forward to,it isn't ever going to be perfection but  then there would not be anything to aim for, onwards and upwards is the way.

       If  like me, you have Lavender in your garden, it is about time now to trim off dying stems that have gone over by trimming off all
       top growth, but not into old wood it really helps to stimulate the plant so it can grow on making a nice hummock, and to look
       nicely rounded and tidy looking before winter returns.

       Do you want to ask me a question, or share a tip then you can find me on Facebook under Gardeners Corner with Linda.

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