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                                                          to your June newsletter..

                                              I expect you are wondering what the statement on the front cover is,
                                              well; it refers to our local businesses, especially your magazine and
                                              your amenities. After attending one of the hub days I was talking to
                                              some of the people there one being the library lady I spoke to was very
                                              interesting and pointed out if the village doesn't start using the library,
                                              they will be cutting days and hours of opening worst-case scenario
                                     that they will close the library altogether, so let's get up and support the local

                                     Also, this applies to our local businesses new and old in and around the village,
                                     that brings me on to the magazine there is good news and bad news. Let's start
                                     with the bad news due to the expansion of Aylesham we are no longer able to
                                     distribute to Wingham and Nonington I will put magazines in the shops and the
                                     garage in Nonington when I've asked the owners for their permission, for those
                                     of you that still want a magazine.  We will always put the news in from Nonington
                                     and Wingham.

                 & Distri  Community News  This brings me onto the good news as mentioned in earlier editions we have now
       ABOUT THE PAPER:              started a subscription service, for those people who wish to have a copy posted
       The Aylesham & District Community
       News  is  published  monthly  to  bring   through their door, this will guarantee your magazine and will only cost you £25
       together the whole of our community. I
       is  distributed  free  of  charge  to   a  year.    This  will  help  to  support  the  magazine  as  we  are  struggling  with
       Aylesham and the surrounding district   advertisers, so if you use anybody from the magazine, please let them know
       and is self funded. Editorially it aims to
       be  free  from  political,  sectarian  and   where you got their number, so they know it works, it's okay putting it up on
       institutional bias and, seeking neither
       to be divisive nor controversial, it does   social media, but as we know you are only there for a few seconds.
       not  intentionally  support  nor  oppose
       any  cause.  Therefore,  opinions
       expressed in this newsletter are not to
       be attributed to the village community   That brings me on to the second part of the good news. So if you have any
       as a whole, nor does publication of any
       article or letters imply endorsement by   spare time we are looking for people to distribute on the new estate in the
       the village community.
                                     village, so I can give you as many houses or few houses as you would like to
       Aylesham,  Snowdown,  Ratling,   deliver.  Think  of  it  this  way,  getting  out  walking  gets  you  healthy,  getting
       Listways, Goodnestone,   Chillenden,
       Frogham, Woolage Village, Woolage   involved in the village and helping people makes you happy, a win-win for all of
       Green,  Adisham,  Nonington  and   us.

       CIRCULATION:  3000  (  unaudited-
       print run c. 3100)
                                     I want to add another four pages to the magazine, so we get more community
       Please  send  all  contributions  to  the
       addresses  below,  which  need  to  be   news in but we need advertisers and subscribers to make this possible, so if you
       received  by  the  15th  of  the  month   know anybody interested in advertising or if yourself wish to subscribe then the
       preceding  publication.  Articles  and
       correspondence  may  be  edited  and   details will be on the website, or you can contact me.
       we cannot agree to publish all material
       submitted, contributors are requested
       to accept this condition.
                                     I  will  sign  off  until  next  month  but  remember  to  keep  me  posted  with  your
                                     thoughts and your articles and see you all next month.

                                     Colin                                      1                    
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