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                                                          to your February newsletter..

                                            Welcome to our first magazine in 2020.

                                            Let me start by wishing everybody a happy New Year, and let us make

                                            this year a better one for all of us.

                                     Let me get the business out of the way, yes we are looking for advertisers to
                                     support the newsletter as we have had a few drop out this year.  on page 5, there

                                     is a letter explaining what is going on and on page7, there is our rate card.

                                     So if you know anybody that would like to support the newsletter by taking out

                                     an advert, then please get them to get in touch.

         Aylesham                    I expect by now you have all broken your New Year's resolutions I know for one

                 & Distri  Community News  I have, not that I made any pacific ones. Still, to lose a bit more weight and keep
       ABOUT THE PAPER:              a bit fitter not a big target I thought, so I  jumped on the scales and found that
       The Aylesham & District Community
       News  is  published  monthly  to  bring   Streets to Streets fish and chips, Linda's cakes, and Mum's biscuits are not
       together the whole of our community.
       It  is  distributed  free  of  charge  to
       Aylesham and the surrounding district   the way to diet. Life is just not fair.
       and is self funded.
       Editorially  it  aims  to  be  free  from
       political,  sectarian  and  institutional
       bias and, seeking neither to be divisive
       nor  controversial,  it  does  not    I will leave you to ponder over the front cover and where the photo was taken
       intentionally support nor oppose any
       cause. Therefore, opinions expressed   answers on a postcard, and  I will announce the winner next month LOL.
       in  this  newsletter  are  not  to  be
       attributed to the village community as
       a whole, nor does publication of any
       article or letters imply endorsement by
       the village community.        Colin
       DISTRIBUTION three months:
       Aylesham,  Snowdown,  Ratling,
       Listways, Goodnestone,   Chillenden,
       Frogham, Woolage Village, Woolage
       Green,  Adisham,  Nonington  and

       CIRCULATION:  3000  (  unaudited-
       print run c. 3100)
       Please  send  all  contributions  to  the
       addresses  below,  which  need  to  be
       received  by  the  15th  of  the  month
       preceding  publication.  Articles  and
       correspondence  may  be  edited  and
       we cannot agree to publish all material
       submitted, contributors are requested
       to accept this condition.

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