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                                                         to your March newsletter..

                                                What a February we have had couldn't believe the range of weather from
                                                snow to sunshine from coats to shorts it's left me in quite a spin and to add to
                                                all that it was a short month, I don't seem to have enough time in a full month
                                                to get everything done let alone a short one.

                                     But that's the end of the philosophy back to the newsletter, thank you for all those who
                                     support us by taking out an advert it is much appreciated, I've been asked by people how
                                     they can support the newsletter as they are not a business, one of the ideas is to have a
                                     yearly subscription of £25. I would like to get your feedback on this matter

                                     As you can see by the front cover the young people in the village are stepping up to the
                                     mark and things are moving along, there is also a lot happening at the library well worth
                                     checking out.

                                     Well back to putting on the suntan lotion or may be a raincoat, catch you all next month.


                 & Distri  Community News
       The Aylesham & District Community
       News  is  published  monthly  to  bring
       together the whole of our community. I               WE              We are looking for volunteers to
       is  distributed  free  of  charge  to                             deliver a round and to cover holidays.
       Aylesham and the surrounding district
       and is self funded. Editorially it aims to
       be  free  from  political,  sectarian  and       NEED                    1 ROUND AVAILABLE:
       institutional bias and, seeking neither                                    Dorman Avenue North
       to be divisive nor controversial, it does
       not  intentionally  support  nor  oppose
       any  cause.  Therefore,  opinions                YOUR                      Call Colin on 825278
       expressed in this newsletter are not to
       be attributed to the village community
       as a whole, nor does publication of any
       article or letters imply endorsement by          HELP!
       the village community.
       Aylesham,  Snowdown,  Ratling,
       Listways,  Goodnestone,  Nonington,
       Chillenden,  Frogham,  Woolage
       Village, Woolage Green, Adisham and                               Come, lets do
       CIRCULATION:  3000  (  unaudited-
                                                                         this together
       print run c. 3100)
       Please  send  all  contributions  to  the
       addresses  below,  which  need  to  be
       received  by  the  15th  of  the  month                           As you can appreciate the magazine
       preceding  publication.  Articles  and                            takes a lot of effort time and money to produce,
       correspondence  may  be  edited  and                              the editor, creative team, writers and
       we cannot agree to publish all material                           distributors give their time for free.
       submitted, contributors are requested
       to accept this condition.
                                                                         So we can continue the good work if you can
                                                                         help in anyway then please do not hesitate to
                                                                         contact us via our website email Facebook
                                                                         and phone number

                                                                         thank you!                                      1                    
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