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Snowdown RFC

                                          Rugby 7's family fun day
                                  Wow what a day! What a turnout!!!

       The 25th of May saw Snowdown RFC host their 2nd annual fun day and what a day it was!
       The sun (which was pre booked) was shining the live music was playing and the beer was flowing!!
       Whether you had a go on the dodgems, giant inflatables or enjoyed a cool beverage whilst listening to live music, whilst
       watching athletes at the peak of their physical prowess, batteling out to win 7's silverware - a great time was had by all.

       The feedback we have recieved has been fantasic!!! This has made all the hard work in setting up the day all worth while.
       The day would not have been possible without the funding of our wonderful sponsers. We are truley thankful to all the
       Stephen Manion - Kent county councillar.
       Derek Garrity, Lisa Pope and all the trustees at the Aylesham District and community workshop trust
       .Aylesham Parish council, The national lottery community fund, Snowdown RFC Committee
       Special thanks also goes to :
       Ovendens - for supplying free skip hire for the day. Bruderhof community - for putting on free horse and cart rides
       throughout the day. Nigel and Ann Woodgate - WAY too much to mention.
       Huey and Kim Frost - Huey for helping set up the event the day before - Kim for offering moral support setting up the
       event the day before.
       Danny and Pippy Donnachie - for donating their time BBQ on the day - with all funds raised going to Bingo, Dale and
       Linfords charity bike ride to Japan.
       Ian Baker and all the your leisure staff for helping the day run smoothly.
       Sarah and Scarlett Broadhurst - for manning the wristband desk. We salute you x
       Deal and Betthshanger and Lordwood rugby clubs for travelling down and making the competition an enjoyable one.

       Yours in Rugby,
       Patrick Broadhurst

          News from                                                               Tuesday Group

          Nonington                                             Exactly a year after his first visit, Kevin Pogson returned as
                                                                our speaker for our June meeting. Last year he spoke on
 May 2019       Nonington Garden Festival                       “An Insider’s View of the Criminal Court”. His subject this
                                                                time was completely different. It was “The Origin of the
                                                                Blues music was not universally recognised as a musical
       T                                                        genre until the1960s, but it grew out of the slaves’ folk
                  Nonington Garden Club                         music in the Southern USA in the 1800s, specifically in the
                                                                Mississippi  Delta.  This  area  of  swamp  was  700  miles
       Robert Smith of Leyham’s Nursery, Staple stepped in this   inland. Later it became a richly fertile cotton growing area.
       month  due  to  unforeseen  circumstances  of  the  original   Life was not pleasant for the “freed” workers who had been
       speaker.  He  has  25years  experience  of  rose  growing   valued more when they were regarded as possessions.
 Throwley House, Ratling Rd,  having started at aged 16years, and passed on some of his   This  might  explain  the  somewhat  more  melancholy
       knowledge to members.                                    character of the blues. Whereas jazz spread more quickly
  Aylesham CT3 3HL                                              from New Orleans to other US cities. The 12 bar blues,
 Phone: 01304 840212  The  start  of  the  process  is  a  wild  rose  stock  and  then   based on a three chord sequence, evolved and spread
       budding. Robert demonstrated how this was done. He took   slowly northwards as people moved to industrial cities like
       us through the various stages up to the rose we buy ready   Chicago. Ma Rainey, a Vaudeville performer at the turn of
       to plant.                                                the 20th century, is credited with being “The Mother of the
                                                                Blues”,  the  original  foundation  of  all  American  popular
       To  get  the  best  results  various  plant  food/sprays  were   music. Bessie Smith and Robert Johnson were well known
       recommended to deal with growth or disease. Pruning is   blues musicians. After John Lomax recorded Lead Belly in
       recommended between November and February although       jail and later had him released, he went on to record many
       he stressed nearer to November was best providing there   songs and was a great influence on 20th century singers
       were a few frost free days. Roses are pruned according to   such as Lonnie Donegan. Chris Barber was responsible
       variety, some to shape and others cut back by one third.  for the growth in popularity of the blues in the UK and later
                                                                The Rolling Stones had a massive impact on this style of
       Next month the talk is “Plant Collectors” by Mr Harman of   music. There is of course a lot of crossover influences with
       Staplehurst and the competition is A specimen Rose.      jazz and other forms of folk music giving us the variety of
                                                                popular music we have today.
       Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of the month   in the
       village hall, and new members are always welcome.        Jenny  Parker  thanked  Kevin  for  his  very  interesting
                                                                enthusiastic talk after we had watched a short film starring
                                                                Bessie Smith entitled “St. Louis Blues” made in 1929. Our
                                                                next speaker is Julia Cox who will tell us about her trip to
                                                                the Congo. That is on July 9th and in August we visit Quex
                                                                Park for an outing including afternoon tea.                                      11                   
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