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                                                                         October 2019

                                                 & Distri  Community News

         We are looking for volunteers to deliver a round and to cover holidays.

                                                                 ROUNDS AVAILABLE:

                                                                    Dorman Avenue North
                                                                         Millyard Road

                                                                        Granville Close
                                                                         Cordall Road

                                                                         Rogers Close
                                                                  Sunshine Corner Avenue
                                               WE                         Davy Street

                                                                        Ropeway Drive
                                           NEED                          Coalfield drive
                                                                          Canary Grove

                                                                       Blue Flame Road
                                           YOUR                            Drift Road

                                                                          Hobnail Path

                                                                        Flatsheet Road
                                          HELP!                       Central Boulevard

                                                                     Corminster Avenue
                                                                       Beresford Grove
                                                                          Garner Drive

                                                                         Harrison Road
                                                                         Chippers Walk

             Call Colin on 825278 or                                    School Square
                                            Primrose Grdns

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